A Letter To The Girl Who Is Struggling With Her Identity

Hii darlings! Today’s post is one that I am fairly excited about, it is a letter to the girl who is struggling with her identity. I’ve been wanting to write a post that is a letter to the girl who is struggling, and I’ve been wanting to turn that into a series. So! I guess you all will be seeing another post like this next time I feel like it might encourage one of my readers out there. So without further ado, here is the letter. I really dearly hope that this encourages someone who needs to read it <33.

My Quiet Time With Jesus ❤

Hii, darlings! I am so excited for today’s post!! It’s all about my quiet time with God. I really enjoy reading about other bloggers quiet times, and so I figured that I’d give you guys a peek into mine. Please note that I have been experimenting a lot with different styles of quiet times (something I will talk about in this post), so this routine might not remain as my quiet time haha. Anyways, I dearly hope that I am able to inspire you all through this post <33.

musings about june & plans for july

hii darlings, i hope that you all have been doing well <33. i cannot, absolutely cannot believe that june simply went by in a *poof*. it's insane. i don't know what else to write for this introduction haha, so i guess just,,, enjoy this post? and go check my book blog, stars and stories, for a bookish wrap up of my month? so,, yeah. enjoy <3.

changes to my blog + introducing stars & stories

hii readers, this post is going to be fairly quick and short. i just wanted to let you guys know about two things. that i changed my blogs name, domain, and general purpose that i started a second blog for my more bookish content i changed this blog mostly because i felt like this blog […]

Why Autism Representation Is So Important + Books With Wonderful Autism Representation   

Hiii readers, I hope that you’re all doing well. Today’s post was originally supposed to be Characters That Are Truly Kind + Ways To Bless Others, Inspired By Them, but I was struggling with writers block and really had no motivation to write that post (I mean, I did write it, but I was not satisfied with the finished result), so!! Instead, you guys get a post that I am much more enthusiastic about (also, writing something that excites me is kinda self care for me). I hope that that’s okay, thank you all for understanding 💕. 

8 Pieces Of Classic Literature On My TBR (Classic Remarks)

Hii readers!! Today, I have decided to participate in Classic Remarks, a weekly meme hosted by @Pages Unbound all about classic literature. This Friday’s prompt was: What are some classics on your TBR list, why? I am so excited to be doing this post, I really hope that you all enjoy my little ‘ramblings’. 

Small Ways To Bless Those Around You

Hii readers (wow I say that in every post :P), today’s post is one that I am very excited about. You see, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about ways to make the world a better place and how to be a better person. I feel like (especially now), kindness is such a rare thing, and being a kind person even in a small way makes a huge difference. I really hope that this post is bit more helpful in your journey to making our world a slightly better place <3.

May 2021 Recap + Plans For June + Inspiration + Themes

Hii readers!! Happy first day of June (can you guys see how excited I am about new months?)! Today’s post is my usual monthly post, and I’m excited about it. Usually I don’t go through with my monthly plans, but hopefully this month I will (although you never know 😋). Did you guys notice that I just used an emoji for the first time on my blog?

Seasonal Bucket List, Summer 2021 Edition + Recent Digital Art

Hello, readers!! I hope you all are doing well, as it is the beginning of Summer vacation (for me, anyways — I’m officially a high schooler now yay) and this time of the year is always kinda fun. Today’s blog post is something that I’ve seen quite a few bloggers doing lately, and so I decided to try it out (credit for most of the ideas goes to either Pinterest or other bloggers <3). In the second part of this post, I'll be showing you all my recent digital art (I've recently been getting into digital art).

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