Modest And Cute Spring Clothing Items

Spring is here (and has been here for almost a month) and like most people, you’re probably stocking up on warm weather clothing essentials. But! Affordable modest clothing is EXTREMELY hard to find, and cute affordable modest clothing is even harder to find. Which is why I’m here to help you. I did all the hard work for you by finding these (adorable + affordable) clothes.

Disclaimer: I have not bought any of these clothes and therefore cannot endorse any of them.

Clothing from: Amazon + Sweet Salt Clothing

Price Range: Under $50

Modest Clothing *not sponsored*

Black Dress // Sold on Amazon // I feel like this dress would be so cute and just really versatile. It doesn’t look like it would be hard to stay modest in, and the fabric looks really soft. 

Gingham Swimsuit // Sold on Amazon // Guysss this swimsuit is so vintage and cute and is like a picnic dress but as a swimsuit. I love the pattern, the skirt, and the shape.

Collar Neck Puffed Sleeve Dress // Sold on Sweet Salt Clothing // This dress is so so SO cute and has total tiny beach town vibes. I really want this dress, it’s very feminine and dignified and just,, is so adorable. 

Floral Wrap Dress Blue // Sold on Sweet Salt Clothing // This dress is cottagecore x1000. It’s so gorgeous and reminds me of picnics and the sun gently warming your face. I love the ruffles on it so much and love how it’s modest without being frumpy (that’s such a bizarre word haha).

A-Line Chiffon Skirt // Sold on Sweet Salt Clothing // I adore this skirt, it looks like it would look good with almost any basic white or purple blouse. I totally want this skirt ahh. 

Skirt With Pockets // Sold on Amazon // Ironic that this post is about modesty yet the model in the photo is wearing a crop top huh. I love the buttons and guyss the pockets are so cute. 

Teal Skirt // Sold on Amazon // I wish I’d had this skirt for Easter, it looks like an Easter egg and has total Spring/Summer vibes.

Denim Skirt // Sold on Amazon // I’m getting lots of Summery tiny beach town vibes from this skirt haha. It seems really cute and flattering and extremely feminine. 

Collared Blouse // Sold on Amazon // I love white collared shirts SO much, they go with like everything and are so cute and can be used to make immodest clothing modest. This one looks really cute and fun.

Henley Shirt // Sold on Amazon // So, I typically don’t like sportier shirts, but this one is actually really cute and looks like it would be adorable with one of the skirts I listed above.

Pink Shirt // Sold on Sweet Salt Clothing // This shirt is so basic but also is really cute. I think it would be cute on literally everyone (although you might need a camisole underneath). 

Stars Shirt // Sold on Sweet Salt Clothing // The quote on this shirt is probably one of my favorite quotes. It’s a constant reminder that I think we all need.

Loved T-Shirt // Sold on Sweet Salt Clothing // Yet another reminder that I think we all need. Plus! It’s a REALLY cute shirt, and I am loving the color of it. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that I was able to assist you in finding some cute modest affordable clothing! 

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What are your warm weather clothing essentials? Did you have a favorite clothing item on this list? Let me know in the comments!!


Liesl ♡

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