My Quiet Time With Jesus <3

Hii, darlings! I am so excited for today’s post!! It’s all about my quiet time with God. I really enjoy reading about other bloggers quiet times, and so I figured that I’d give you guys a peek into mine. Please note that I have been experimenting a lot with different styles of quiet times (something I will talk about in this post), so this routine might not remain as my quiet time haha. Anyways, I dearly hope that I am able to inspire you all through this post <33.

I started doing regular quiet time around October or November (?) of 2020, up until then I hadn’t really been doing much of anything to study God’s word and to spend time with Him. I had made attempts in the past, but this was pretty much my first consistent quiet time. I think that beginning quiet time was one of my first actual attempts at taking charge of my faith, instead of just relying on my parents faith. Anyways! This quiet time was exceedingly simple, it was literally just me doing devotionals from The Bible App (I would do around 9 or 10 a day). However! I did learn a lot from it. Honestly, this short quiet time helped me figure out what I like in my Bible time. Afterwords, I ended up experimenting a lot with various styles of quiet time. And! I think I have finally found one that works for me. Which is super exciting!

I adore my current routine, it is very extensive and long and makes me feel very refreshed afterwords. I didn’t really understand what it’s like to feel spiritually refreshed until this routine. I really also just feel ready for the day when I do my quiet time. It’s just,, amazing. But you guys probably don’t want to read more of my ramblings. I should probably get to the actual routine haha. 

I almost always start with a worship song or hymn. This just sets the mood and really helps me to worship God. Music has amazing vibes and is really helpful for this. I got the idea from the fact that my church always begins with worship music (I think so, I might have gotten the idea from something else random though). I try to avoid Christian songs that just about me and not God (this is a shocking amount of Christian songs. A lot of them are extremely self centered). I downloaded a Casting Crowns hymns album and that has lately been my go-to. 

Once I get through the song, I begin my Bible time. This is the only part that I always do (it is the most important part). What I’m reading changes frequently (as it should), but lately I have been reading from the Psalms, Proverbs, and whatever the verse of the day from the Little Faith Bible Plan is (yes, all in one quiet time — it’s actually really enriching). I try to read through the passage at least once so that it can soak into my brain (that’s a gross metaphor). After reading the passage once, I use my favorite highlighter to highlight passages that I enjoy and also I take notes in the margins + sum up the verses (if needed). Today I tried color coding/annotating my Bible with highlighters and shapes. I did not enjoy it all that much, so I guess I’ll keep up with my own system (it’s great if annotating/color coding works for you though). 

After my Bible time (which usually takes up the most time), I like to journal. Mind you, I’ve only been journaling regularly for three or four days so what do I know haha. I typically write a verse or quote at the top of my journal page, and then I begin writing out my prayers and thoughts. Lately, I have been trying to write my entries to God, and it actually is going well. I expected to dislike it, but it helps me focus on praying. Seriously, guys, if you struggle to focus on praying, I highly recommend praying on paper. It really is helpful. 

Once my journaling is over, I will sometimes do a quick praying session (it has to be quick because of my short attention span). During this I typically just pray about the upcoming day and anything else. I want to get into the habit of praying a decade of the Rosary during this though, or at least doing Catholic morning prayers. 

Once I finish that, I like to read a bit from the Christian books that I am reading. At the moment, I am reading Story Of A Soul, by St. Thérèse of Liseux and Live, by Sadie Robertson (I recently finished All Along You Were Blooming, by Morgan Harper Nicholes and that was just such a lovely read). Story Of A Soul is definitely a book that I would recommend to anyone. I found out about it from Clare Marie Therese’s blog @EverythingIsGrace. And I am so glad I did, Story Of A Soul is such a wonderful read and is written in a very welcoming style. You literally will feel like St. Thérèse is right there telling you her story (of her soul). And as for Live, I just purchased it yesterday at a bookstore. I really like the photography, the entire book is gorgeous. But as for the writing style, it so far feels kinda forced? But maybe it gets better? I don’t know. I really like Sadie Robertson’s stuff, but I am enjoying Story Of A Soul much more. 

And that kinda concludes my quiet time!! It’s about 45 minutes long and is just so enjoyable. It sets the mood for my entire day and keeps my eyes on Jesus. I absolutely recommend doing your own quiet time if you don’t already, it’s life changing. 

What does your quiet time look like? Let me know in the comments!!

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Have a lovely blessed day and keep your eyes on Jesus,

Liesl ❤

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