Musings About July + Looking Forward To August + Hiatus Announcement 

Hiii darlings, I hope that your July went well. I know I say this EVERY MONTH, but guys, July flew by so quickly. My head is still spinning. Anyways, I have recently not felt like writing post beginnings and endings so uhh just enjoy this post <3.

July went by REALLY QUICKLY. It was gone in another *poof*, leaving me confused as to where time went to. Not a lot happened in July? I read barely anything, due to a really bad reading slump. I had a blogging slump. I had just an overall life slump. God did show me a lot during July though. I feel like I really learned more about Him and felt overall connected with Him? I discovered prayer journaling, which is basically writing your prayers to Jesus on paper. Because I struggled to pray in my head, this was a huge game changer in my prayer life. Like 30 people in my church caught Covid, and a few of them are really sick so uh please keep that in prayer. But anyways, like I said, not much occurred in July.

If it is in bold, it means I completed that goal

July Goals

  • Be more positive 
  • Start doing a longer bible quiet time with God
  • Pray a decade of the rosary every day
  • Try to post more faith building content here
  • Do an act of kindness each day
  • Do a mini ‘lenten’ two weeks before school starts to spiritually prepare myself for high school
  • Get 100 followers on this blog

August Goals

  1. Keep a steady routine
  2. Make 3 new friends AT PUBLIC SCHOOL AHHH SCARYYY
  3. Eat healthier
  4. Be more positive
  5. Journal nightly 
  6. Drink more water

Podcast: WHOA That’s Good, With Sadie Robertson

Book: Live, by Sadie Robertson

Song: You Love Me Anyway, by Sidewalk Prophets

Honestly, August is going to be quite a rollercoaster. I start high school (PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL) and I’m petrified. It starts in a few days and it just keeps freaking me out. I’ve never been in a school environment that was not christian, so I’m fairly nervous. It is also on a college campus and I have college classes with college kids so uhh I’m so scared. If any of my readers have any advice for me about starting public school or just high school, please give it to me in the comments, I desperately need it. 

Because I am going back to school super soon, I won’t be able to post for a while. I’m planning to take a hiatus from August 4th – September 1st so that I can get into the rhythm of school. Thank you all for understanding <3.

I hope that your month of July was lovely and that you have a lovely August. If you’re enjoying this post, please feel free to comment, click like, and follow me for more content like this.