Items That I Want To Add To My Fall 2021 Wardrobe

Hi, darlings!! Seeing as Fall is coming quickly (IT’S ON WEDNESDAY), I figured that this post would be timely. It’s still fairly warm where I live, but pretty soon the weather will begin to cool down. Which is why I’ve begun searching for various pieces to add to my wardrobe. For this coming Fall, I’m thinking of cozy cardigans, loose flowy mini dresses, pinafore dresses, cabby boy hats, and more!! I dearly hope you guys enjoy this little glimpse into my style <3.

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Clothing Items

Farm Fresh Pumpkins Sweatshirt / $30.00 / Sold on Etsy / I’ve been really needing a casual hoodie/sweatshirt for the colder mornings, and honestly, this one is both super casual, but also is really cute? Like it gives off total Cinderella vibes for some reason, and it’s very Fall-ish.

Denim Midi Skirt / $33.99 / Sold on Amazon / I’ve been searching for the perfect denim skirt for a while now and have been very disappointed that they’re all so,, wrong. Every denim skirt I’ve seen before this one was either too short, too long, too tight, too ugly, etc. This skirt is none of those things, it’s modern and feminine and cute and is modest without being frumpy. I actually already ordered this skirt, so like,, is it cheating to put it on here? 

Chunky Cardigan / $32.99 / Sold on Amazon / I keep stealing my mom’s cardigan because I don’t have my own, so obviously I need to buy one. Besides, this cardigan is so cute and looks very cozy and nice. I feel like it’d be very versatile.

Mom Jeans / $22.00 / Sold on Target / There are days where I’m just not feeling all that fancy, and on those days what I really want is just a basic outfit formula. Mom jeans give me a casual look to my outfit while still being adorable. I mean,, Topanga wore mom jeans and she was a total style icon.

Pinafore Dress / $19.99 / Sold on Etsy / Don’t you guys love how I have like super feminine vintage clothing items on here, and then I have some super casual 90s stuff?? Yeah, me too. Anyways, I have been really wanting a pinafore dress for a while, and this one is decently affordable. It’s also really pretty.

Green Fit And Flare Mini Dress / $15.88 / Sold on Alter’ed State / I actually just ordered this dress a few days ago and I’m so excited to wear it. I don’t love how low the back is, which is why I’ll probably wear a cardigan with it. I also hope it’s not too short. But other then that, it’s adorable ahh.

Gratia Plena Shirt / $24.00 / Sold on Etsy / I don’t wear a lot of graphic tees because finding cute ones is hard, but this one looks adorable. I also love how it’s catholic themed, without being pushy.

Button Down Floral Midi Skirt / $48.00 / Sold on Etsy / I already own one skirt like this, and I adore it. These skirts are so cute and just so feminine ahh.


Cabby Boy Hat / $13.99 / Sold on Amazon / I’ve seen these around the internet and think that they’re adorable. My hair is in that weird pixie cut stage where it’s like a short bob, but I can’t do much with it, so I’m hoping that maybe this hat will help wrangle it on it’s worst days haha.

Clip On Hoop Earrings / $7.69 / Sold on Amazon / My ears are allergic to normal earrings, which is really sad, but thankfully, these earrings exist to save me haha. My sister bought a set of these a while ago, and she loves them. 

Rosary Bracelet / $27.16 / Sold on Etsy / I already have a rosary but it’s really cheaply made and is already rusting, which is really sad. Which is why I need a new one. I love how this bracelet is both a rosary and a bracelet. Besides, it’s really pretty.

Crucifix Necklace / $18.00 / Sold on Etsy / I love how cross necklaces are so dainty and delicate, and I love how this one especially adds a catholic touch to any outfit. It also seems like a lovely conversation starter.


Ankle Boots / $43.98 / Sold on Amazon / Okay, first of all, I desperately need shoes that are not sneakers or heels, and second of all, boots are perfect for Fall. Especially these boots, they’re so cute ahh. 

Ballet Flats / $14.88 / Sold on Amazon / These are just. the perfect addition to my wardrobe. They’re very classy and timeless and I WANT THEM (I know, such a valid reason).

Thank you ever so much for reading this post, I really appreciate it. I worked so hard on it and am so thankful that you guys are here to read these kind of posts. 

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