Blogmas Day 13 / The True Meaning Of Christmas Guest Post

Hello, dears! I’m so so sorry about how late this post is. I’ve been fairly emotionally exhausted. I’m going to try to post more regularly now that I’m on winter break. Thank you all for understanding <33. Today we have a guest post from Allie about the true meaning of Christmas. Be sure to check out her blog when you finish this post!

Hello my lovelies! My name is Allie and I run the blog The art of blooming here on wordpress! I’m basically an everything blogger with huge creative roots in Jesus! 

When I saw that liesl was looking for guest posters for blogmas I was so excited! I love her blog, and that she would be so kind to give me an opportunity to post here with you lovely people! So enough talking from me lets get onto the post! 

Now Christmas is one of the best holidays of the year in my opinion! The atmosphere is pure joy that just builds more and more until the day of Christmas; The family gathered around the tree, the presents, baking Christmas cookies for Santa (and sneaking a few off his plate ;), and after Christmas dinner everyone sits around with full bellies and even fuller spirits! 

Now if you were to make a list of your top five favorite things in order about Christmas how would it go? 

I’m sure mine would look a little like this: 

  1. Spending time with Family!
  2. Waking up to see the stockings filled and all the presents stacked neatly under the tree!
  3. Opening said presents 😉 
  4. Talking to my friends about all we got that day! 
  5. And oh yeah the birth of Jesus! 

How many of your lists look like mine? All the fun stuff that comes with Christmas Day, and then oh there’s also that Jesus guy.

So much of our holidays are spent busy busy busy, between shopping for gifts, cooking the food, and trying to survive family. We so often forget what Christmas is all about, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ! 

Now everyone knows the story right? Even those who aren’t a Christian have probably gone to at least on Christmas service or maybe they remember it from Sunday school. But the point is this, everyone knows what Christmas is about but does everyone know

Have we really taken the time to pick it apart and see the goodness and provision God gave us through the birth of his son? 

Let’s spend a moment really diving into the true meaning of Christmas shall we?

Jesus is and will forever be the reason for the season, just the circumstances of his birth are enough to truly recognize him as the messiah! He was born to a virgin mother and on the day of his birth a choir of angels sang and rejoiced and he took his first breaths! Just the power alone in that statement! A choir of angels sang and rejoiced as our king of kings, prince of peace, Christ Jesus has breath set in his lungs! 

Why aren’t we doing that this Christmas season? 

And have we ever looked into why Jesus has taken the back burner in our holiday tidings? 

I think society has a huge roll to play; so many people want to take part in the festivities of Christmas, but also want to ignore what it is all about. And we see that a lot reflected in our daily life’s; through TV shows, shopping in big brand name stores who benefit from how much we spend, and even sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall. 

I really want to challenge you all to really pick apart why you celebrate Christmas this year! And if you’re a little bit like me and Jesus has kinda taken the back burner in your seasons tidings I challenge you to think on what you can do to get him right back front and center! 

Maybe volunteer at your local soup kitchen? Or hand out presents to kids in the hospital? Or even just read the story again of how God provided Jesus to us so that we could be saved! And really apply all the goodness from the story to your life and especially to your holiday cheer! 

Jesus is the true star of this holiday season my darlings! (Heh heh see what I did there? True starrrrr? Okay I’m sorry) 

And if you don’t even know the story of the birth of Christ; or you don’t even know who he is but you want to, don’t ever be afraid to reach out! Jesus is so good and he is such a light in all the darkest of times and a joy in the best ❤ You can always contact me, and I’m sure liesl as well and we would absolutely love to help you and tell you a little bit about our amazing Jesus 💛

When you see that star atop the tree remember the star that led the wise men to our savior, when you see that angel floating around the decorations at school remember how they praised and praise him too!, When you have the opportunity to honor Jesus in some way during the holidays and honestly every day take it! It is so worth it! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! And thank you so so so much liesl for letting me guest post here on your lovely blog! I hope you all have an amazing day! And merry blogmas to you all! ❤️🎄

7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 13 / The True Meaning Of Christmas Guest Post

  1. AHHHH! Thank you so so so much liesl!! I loved getting to be a part of your lovely blogmas! I hope you have a wonderful day! (Also don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself and rest we will all miss you but you definitely deserve a break<3) Don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever need someone! Much love<3

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