meet my new puppy <3

hello, friends! i hope you’re all doing well ❤ i…have completely forgotten how to write a blog post *facepalm* so this might be a bit of a messy post. sorry about that – brain fog is being pretty bad today. prayers would be appreciated ❤

so, as most of you know, i’ve been in need of a service dog for a while. God answered my prayers a few months ago, and opened up a way for me to get a puppy who i will train to be my service dog. i just got this puppy last week, and he’s already adjusting so well. he’s super smart and is mastering everything super quickly (he’s already partly potty trained, and can sit and go down). his name is sushi, and he’s a 9 week old goldendoodle *happy rue sounds* he’s gotten me through multiple panic attacks and is just….such a blessing from Abba.

he’s had quite a few adventures already, including attempting to play with our 9 year old dog (who does not want to play), going through a hole in our fence to the neighbors yard (that was…, throwing up on my sister, stealing one of my pillows, and more.

*pictures of him below*

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a life update | in which i ramble about my soon to be published poetry collection, mental health, french worship music, and God’s faithfulness

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trigger warning: self harm is briefly discussed, as is other potentially triggering topics (death of a pet and anxiety)

hello, friends! it’s been a while, hasn’t it? sorry about that – life’s been pretty crazy, and my blog was just sorta pushed to the side. how have you all been? let me know in the comments below ❤

it’s hard to believe that we’re already over halfway through 2022. i don’t know about the rest of you guys, but i still feel like it’s 2020. and yet it’s almost 2023?? i’m not ready *smiles softly* i’m excited to see what Abba has in store for the next year though.

the last few months have been…well, quite frankly, really difficult. i lost a kitten to a birth defect that was slowly killing her…that was really painful. the amount of times i’ve self harmed recently is too many to count. i’ve cried countless times. my anxiety disorder has been acting up, and so have all my other mental illnesses.

and yet, through it all, Abba has been so incredibly good. He sees the shattering, and He holds me through it. i know that He is El Roi, the God Who sees. and He cares. He cares so deeply. He grieves with me. He loves me.

He’s been using the book gentle & lowly, by dane ortlund to nourish my weary soul. if you haven’t read it yet, i highly recommend it. it’s helped me to grow closer to God, and to see Him as a friend, as opposed to a legalistic God who sets a bunch of rules and doesn’t care about me. He’s also been using french worship music to help me. i don’t even understand the lyrics in it, but i can feel His presence through it. if you haven’t listened to french worship music before, i highly recommend it ❤ here’s the playlist i created that’s been drawing me closer to Him.

you know something about Abba? He’s been using my brokenness for His kingdom, and it brings me so much joy despite the pain. that actually brings me to my next point (;

through a lot of the pain i’ve dealt with, He’s used it to help me to grow stronger in my writing. and after about 2 years of writing poetry on a regular basis, i’ve finally compiled a poetry collection. aaaaand i’m publishing that collection this fall 🥰 it’s called the refiner’s fire, and it’s all about finding beauty in breaking. if you want to join my street team for it, feel free to fill out this form ❤

there’s so much more i could update you guys on, but i’ll stop rambling for now. let me know in the comments if you want a part 2 to this life update.

take care of yourselfs, luv’s. *hugs* if you enjoyed this post, please don’t forget to like it, leave a comment, and follow me for similar content.

ad gloriam Dei.