my april 2022 bullet journal spreads / feat. an attempt at being less of a perfectionist

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hello, friends! it’s been a while, hasn’t it? i’ve been super busy with school, writing, and my mental health, and haven’t had much motivation for blogging as a result. however, hopefully now that things are calming down a bit, i’ll be blogging more regularly.

when i first started bullet journaling in april 2020, it was fun and easy, and was honestly just a creative outlet. but recently, it’s become less of a hobby, and more of a perfectionistic attempt and being pinterest-y and aesthetic. and it was reaching a point where it was no fun and was honestly kinda a chore. which is why, yesterday, i challenged myself to set up my april bullet journal spreads with minimal online help, and with just my own original doodle ideas. 

i will admit that it was…difficult, to say the least. i kept feeling like it wasn’t “pretty enough” or “aesthetic enough” or “perfect enough”, and i really wanted to start over and make a perfect april bullet journal. but, i kept pushing through. and i’m so glad i did, because as a result of pushing through, i got some wonderful spreads that were unique and special. there’s a certain kind of peace that i found in being less of a perfectionist. 

the spreads

opening page

i love this spread so much. the aesthetics are very spring-y and happy and vintage, and it just makes me so happy to look at. i was worried i had drawn too many flowers, but i honestly think they work really well.

to be read 

this page was inspired by abigail’s cup of tea’s to be read page in this video. i really like how it turned out, and i like how it has He is risen on it, as a little reminder that Christ is risen (in honor of easter).


i don’t entirely like how this looks. the circles are too shaky, and my handwriting is…not it’s best. but, since i’m working on accepting and embracing my bullet journal imperfections, i guess i have to be happy with it. or at least, i have to not be hateful towards this page (especially since i spent…a lot of time on it).


this page is mostly just for planning out blog posts and youtube videos (i’m planning to release a yt channel at some point next month). i guess it turned out alright? it could be better, but it also could be worse.


this is just a page where i’m going to put prayer requests throughout the month, so that when i’m flipping through my bullet journal, i can remember to pray for certain things.

you are loved dutch door quote

fun fact about this, on the other side, there’s a gratitude page dutch door. sadly, i did the gratitude page upside down *facepalm*, so i’m only showing this dutch door haha.

quotes & memories

i guess i like how these turned out. i mean…the “quotes” looks more like “puotes”, but it’s ok. one of these days i’ll learn how to do a cursive q, right?

pens i used for these spreads

i actually kept the pens that i used pretty minimal! i only used a micron 01, micron 005, tombow 772 duel brush pen, and 2 crayola supertips.


thank you so much for reading this post! i hope you all enjoyed it <3. if you had fun reading this post, please don’t forget to click like, subscribe, and leave a comment. i hope you all have a wonderful day, and remember to keep your eyes on Jesus. *hugs* see you all soon (:

do you bullet journal? if so, what theme did you choose for your april bullet journal spreads? let me know in the comments!

/ ad gloriam dei /

Seasonal Bucket List, Summer 2021 Edition + Recent Digital Art

Hello, readers!! I hope you all are doing well, as it is the beginning of Summer vacation (for me, anyways — I’m officially a high schooler now yay) and this time of the year is always kinda fun. Today’s blog post is something that I’ve seen quite a few bloggers doing lately, and so I decided to try it out (credit for most of the ideas goes to either Pinterest or other bloggers <3). In the second part of this post, I’ll be showing you all my recent digital art (I’ve recently been getting into digital art).

My Summer Bucket List

  1. Do a cottagecore photoshoot
  2. Start a podcast
  3. Watch fireworks
  4. Watch a sunrise
  5. Compliment 3 random strangers
  6. Refresh my skincare routine for Summer 
  7. Make one new friend
  8. Stargazing
  9. Read in the park
  10. Make popsicles
  11. Go thrifting
  12. Take one photo a week
  13. Go swimsuit shopping
  14. Plant a flower garden
  15. Read 3 Jane Austen novels
  16. Try to journal every day
  17. Have a tea party
  18. Make a smoothie bowl
  19. Paint wood slats
  20. Finish my novel
  21. Watch period dramas
  22. Chalk drawing on driveway
  23. Write a letter
  24. Paint rocks
  25. Go on a bike ride
  26. Read all the Anne of Green Gables books
  27. Make friendship bracelets

Recent Digital Art

I think I’m slowly getting better at drawing on my iPad, so that’s exciting!! Here’s some of my favorites that I’ve made so far!  

What’s on your Summer bucket list? Do you do digital art? Let me know in the comments!!

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April Bullet Journal Plan With Me + April Goals

Hello all, I hope that you’ve had a pleasant couple of days and that you have remained healthy and happy <3.

It’s almost April and I’m a bit too happy about it haha. To end my blog posts for the month of March, I figured I’d try out doing a bullet journal ‘Plan With Me’. I’ve seen these online quite a bit recently, and so I figured I’d give it a try.

I’ve been bullet journaling for almost a year now :0. I began last year, in late April, and I haven’t stopped since.

I feel like this month’s spread is a lot more low-key then usual. Huh.

Hopefully this month I’ll finally finish the Lunar Chronicles haha.

So!! Let’s get onto the photos. These photos are mine, you may use them, but please give credit to me if you do. You’ll see my hand in the photos, that’s because my bullet journal doesn’t lay flat, and I had to hold the pages down. Also! Last but not least, I made some mistakes and my cursive might be hard to read, you’ve been warned :P.

Welcome April Page

April Goals

April Weekly Planning

Habit Tracker

Camp NaNoWriMo Prizes

Claude Monet Quote

Reading Log

Now on to my goals!! I am obsessed with setting goals (although I almost never achieve them oops-). I’m really excited to share these with you all, because I suspect that I might just achieve them this month.

✨ Goals ✨

Finish my novel + edit it
Write two blog posts a week
Earn enough money to purchase a Critcut Joy
When hungry, snack on fruit or veggies instead of junk food
Do yoga every morning
Wear my veil and dresses or skirts every day
Read 20 books
Get 50 followers on my blog
Keep up with my skincare routine and keep doing minimal makeup
Keep my garden alive

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Do you bullet journal? If so, what’s your theme for this new month? What are your goals for April? Let me know in the comments.

Liesl ♡