How To Start a Bible Time Routine as a Teenager

Hello, friends! I hope you’re all doing well (: It’s been a while since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? I mean, a lot’s happened. I finished 9th grade (which is so weird to think through), I got 33k words into my current WIP (which you can now find on Goodreads here), and spent a week at Joni & Friends. June is almost done, and that’s so weird to think through. I can’t believe that we’re already halfway done with the year; it feels like we just started 2022.

I developed a steady bible routine about a year and a half ago, and it’s been so therapeutic. My morning time with Jesus is like a calm in the middle of a storm; it prepares me for the day ahead of me, and overall just leaves me feeling refreshed. I honestly think that getting a consistent bible time routine is key to growing in your faith. Which is precisely why I’m posting on this topic. Please note that this is just my advice; you don’t have to follow what this post says to “be a good christian”, these are just some ideas to help you guys grow closer to the Lord.

How To Start A Bible Time Routine

  1. Choose a specific time of the day to have your bible time

I cannot stress this enough. Carve out a time each day, where you can be free from distractions, and set aside that time to be your Jesus time. For me, I like to have this time be in the morning, right after I eat breakfast. I want to get in the habit of doing an evening bible time as well though. Please keep in mind that there is no specific “best time” for doing your bible time; whenever you’re free is the best time, k?

  1. Start out with connecting with God

Before I spend time in His word, I always try to make a point of connecting with the Lord, whether it’s through prayer or music. Sometimes I say a prayer, and sometimes I just play some worship music and try to meditate on His goodness. I highly recommend trying out something along the lines of that; it makes reading the bible feel so much more personal.

  1. Choose a bible reading plan (or bible reading method)

As tempting as it may be to just turn to a random page in your bible, I highly recommend having a method for what you read. Little Faith Blog has some lovely bible plans that I just can’t recommend enough (: 

  1. Read a chapter or 2 of a christian book

For me, once I finish doing my bible reading, I like to read a bit of whatever christian book I’m going through at the moment. Currently, I’m reading through Gentle & Lowly and Lies Young Women Believe. Reading through a christian book after doing my bible reading really helps me to focus on God a little more.

  1. Add in a few other things that help you to praise the Lord

I also have quite a few things I like to add on to my bible time, to keep it from getting boring. It’s so easy to fall into a rut, and to have your bible time feel like a chore, which is precisely why I like to change things up on a regular basis. Some of my little things I like to add on include singing a hymn from my hymn book, crying out to Jesus, journaling, saying a prayer from my prayer book, worshiping God, and more. Mind you, I only do one or two of these things each day, but still… they’re really helpful for me to connect with my King.

  1. Incorperate God throughout your day

A lot of christians tend to just do their bible time, and then proceed to go about their day without giving God any more attention. That works, I guess, if your relationship with God is just a chore and a religion. But, here’s the thing; being a christian isn’t just a religion. It’s a relationship. It’s a constant sort of thing, that requires daily sacrifice. Which is precisely why your time with God doesn’t end after your bible time. It’s an all day everyday sort of thing. I’m not saying you need to be legalistic about it, but I am saying that I would advise staying focused on God throughout your day, whether it’s through worship music, or whispered prayers throughout the day.

  1. It’s okay if you end up not doing your bible time everyday

I get it; you get busy. You forget. Instagram is far more interesting than your bible. Sometimes it’s just not possible to fit in bible time. And that’s okay. Our God is not a legalistic overbearing “you need to do this or I will fail to forgive you” kind of god. He is an understanding, loving sort of god. He understands that you are only human, and that you mess up. If you didn’t get your bible time in today, please don’t feel guilty or hate yourself. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. There’s always tomorrow ❤

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What does your bible time look like? Let me know in the comments below (:

/ Ad Gloriam Dei /

Lifestyle Tips + Ideas For Christian Teenage Girls

Hello all!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I did. I went to church (in person, safely of course. Complete with masks and social distancing outside and far too much hand sanitizer :P). I got a lot done (cleaned my room, caught up on my math homework, and watched way too much tv haha). Overall, my weekend was nice!! 

Anyways!! I got a little sidetracked with that haha, so let’s get on to the blog post for today. Today’s post is a ✨ lifestyle advice post ✨, which I’ve seen a lot on the internet lately.  

Since Covid began, self help posts have become increasingly popular, most likely because people are wanting to become better versions of themselves. I will admit that I am a absolute sucker for advice posts. I’ve seen a lot of these online, but not a lot for Christian teens, so I figured I’d try to do a post to fill that ’empty space’ on the internet. I’m literally so excited for this post. But, enough of my rambling, let’s get into the post!! 

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Lifestyle Tips + Ideas 

Try to get into bible journaling!! 

I highly recommend it, it’s so fun and rewarding. You can find really cute ideas on Pinterest or just the internet in general. Maybe you could do your daily devotionals, and then journal one of the verses into your bible, while meditating on it! This bible journal is my favorite, it’s so gorgeous. I also saw these bible tabs on Etsy and thought they looked cute. I don’t own them, but I really want them ahhh.

Add a sermon notes spread to your bullet journal

This will be so helpful for you!! It really helps with focusing on church. I’d also recommend getting a pretty notebook, and using that for sermon notes. This journal is really cute and would be good for that.

Put the names of different people from your church or school (or you can do prayer requests) in a mason jar. Every morning, pull out one of the slips of paper and pray for whatever’s on it.

I made one of these recently, and while I have not been super great about remembering to do it, I’ve definitely found it to be super helpful. I also really like to just put the slip of paper that I chose for the day in my pocket, and to pray for that person throughout the day. 

Buy a bible verse of the day calendar

My mom got me one of these for Christmas, and not gonna lie, it’s been so helpful and encouraging. I look forward to flipping the page every day. 

Subscribe to a Christian teen magazine like Brio

I LOVE BRIO SO. MUCH. Brio is such an incredible magazine, and if you’re not yet subscribed to it, you’re really missing out. It’s a lot like most teen girl magazines, except for the fact that it’s more appropriate and is a lot more focused on building your faith.

Print out bible verses that you like, and put them around your bedroom.

I swear, half of my bedroom decor is bible verse based. It’s actually really nice to look around, and see constant reminders that God loves me. I feel like I’m more,,, focused on Christ when my room is.  

Download The Bible App and subscribe to devotionals through it

Guys, this one is literally so helpful. I do about five or six devotionals per day through the The Bible App. It’s made daily bible reading a habit of mine, and it’s so fun. I used to hate devotionals, but now they’re actually enjoyable. Also! I don’t know if this is a plus or a downside, but The Bible App can act like social media (you can like posts, comment on them, and friend people). 

Make Sundays Christian media only days

I have not yet started doing this (although, that might be because it’s Lenten and Sundays are my only non-christian books and music days haha), but I think it would be very helpful and great. 

Watch one Christian film weekly

I really want to try doing this. I will say that while it’s hard to find good Christian movies, they do exist. I Still Believe was a really good one, so was Breakthrough, and Soul Surfer. A Week Away comes out on Netflix in a few days, and hopefully that one’ll be good. 

Try to read some Christian books

I’ve been doing this a lot lately and it’s been so incredibly helpful for my spiritual life. I recently finished Girl Defined, by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird and it was a very good read, and also extremely eye opening. 

Listen to Christian music while cleaning your room

YES, this one is so important (I actually got this idea from Brio!), it builds your faith and keeps you moving? Like,, yes. That’s the best package ever ahhh. 

Write down bible verses, and leave them inside of books that you’re returning to the library

I really need to get around to doing this. You can encourage someone and potentially make someone look into Christianity!!  

Participate in Take Your Bible To School day and other events like that

Yep! I don’t have much to say about this (because it’s pretty self explanatory) other then Lenten is also a good event to participate in. 

Pray one decade of the rosary each night if you’re Catholic

Since the Rosary is really long and (at least for me) is hard to pay attention to, I recommend trying to pray a decade of the Rosary. I love the Rosary so much. One of my online friends from a teen writers site (I’m not in contact with him anymore, and I miss him) is a super strong Catholic and inspired me to try to pray the Rosary frequently.  

Get involved in your church or youth group

I would recommend trying to volunteer in the children’s ministry, it’s such a rewarding experience and I adore all the little kiddos. Youth group is also fun, and a great way to meet other Christian teens.

Subscribe to blogs that encourage you in your faith

I recommend Little Faith Blog, The Striped Plaid, Ainsley Beth, and other blogs like that. You probably already spend a lot of time online, why not spend some of it being encouraged in your faith?

I hope that you found these tips to be helpful!! I really enjoyed writing this post. I’ll be praying for all of those who read this post <3.

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Liesl ♡