Blogmas Day Five / Make Room For Him

Hello dears! It is the fifth day of Blogmas (I started late due to school keeping me busy) and seeing as Christmas has a tendency to be frenzied and full, I thought I’d focus on a topic we all need to hear. We need to make room in our hearts this season for the entire reason for Christmas. Jesus. 

He is that little baby born in a barn and placed in a feeding trough. He was born to a mere teenager, who couldn’t have been much older than me (she might have even been younger than me). He was the son of the Most High and was the Most High. He humbled Himself enough to be born as a baby in the body of the species He had created. The species was sinful and broken. And to finish it all off, He allowed Himself to be nailed onto a cross by the very people He had created. He was naked and publically shamed as He died. He died on that very cross for every single person’s sins. And then on the third day He rose again. 

And still we have the audacity to ignore all this and focus on the more secular aspects of Christmas. Yeah sure, on Sunday we say, “It’s all so great, I am in wonder.” But when Sunday ends (or rather, when church ends), we forget all about that until next Sunday. 

My dear readers, this is not right. We need a revival. We need one right now. 

It is only the fifth day of December and the eighth day of Advent, there is still time to change. Please don’t read this post as if I am condemning you. I am not. There is grace in Christ if you have been losing the true meaning of Christmas. You are not too far gone; this is a trap that is so incredibly easy to fall into. I am not saying that you should ignore all secular Christmas. I mean, if you feel strongly convicted about this then by all means focus solely on Jesus and nothing else this season. But if you’re feeling like you’re comfortable taking part in secular Christmas traditions, then please don’t feel like you need to completely throw away all non-Jesus focused plans. 

You can still focus on Jesus while partaking in secular Christmas. It’s difficult, but it is possible. The main ways to keep this up is to first off evaluate your holiday media. Avoid Christmas media with swearing, sexual content, and violent meanings. Try to stay away from things that may hurt your soul. For me personally I have to avoid anything overly negative (in other words, Olivia Rodrigo). I also have to watch how many romances I’m letting in (including love songs!). I have a tendency to be a hopeless romantic and recently have been feeling convicted about that. I can’t stay true to my future husband if I’m obsessing over a new boy every five seconds. I also can’t stay focused on God if I’m simply thinking about boys all the time. Which is why I’ve been lately avoiding a lot of romances and only letting myself focus on certain ones. I’ve actually been listening to a lot more Christian music, and when I’m in a Christmas mood I listen to Advent music (most of the time). 

Another way to keep Jesus at the heart of Christmas is to partake in Advent. I’m doing it and while yes, it’s been difficult, it’s been feeding my soul greatly. I do my bible time in the morning (I’ve actually been waking up earlier for this purpose) and I keep my mind on the waiting. I think it’s one of the things keeping me from getting caught up in all the Christmas insanity. 

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Stay focused on Jesus, dears!